One-to-One Training in South Yorkshire with Canine Capabilities

Our one-to-one training options, including our carefully crafted specialist puppy packages, and our expert, veterinary-backed behaviour modification programmes, are a fantastic way to make sure your dog is getting the very best training, personalised to their unique situation, lifestyle, and behavioural needs.

Puppy Packages – Setting Your Pup Up For Success

Our one-to-one puppy training in South Yorkshire is conveniently carried out within the local area, and is completely tailored to the needs of yourself and your puppy. We meticulously plan our sessions to fit seamlessly into your schedule. Let us prove that training your puppy doesn’t have to be stressful!

Silver - Puppy Consult & 1-Month Follow-Up (2 Sessions) - £250

Kickstart your puppy's learning journey with an initial consultation and a month of follow-up support. Two personalised sessions will cover all the basics, setting the foundation for a well-behaved and happy puppy.

Gold - Puppy Consult & 3-Month Follow-Up (5 Sessions) - £400

For a more intensive course, our Gold package offers an extended three-month follow-up, including five tailored sessions. Dive deeper into the essentials and watch your puppy blossom with all the skills they need to thrive.

Platinum - Puppy Consult & 6-Month Follow-Up (8 Sessions) - £595

Experience the ultimate in one-to-one puppy training in South Yorkshire with our Platinum package. Eight sessions spread over six months provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring your puppy excels in every aspect of behaviour and obedience.

Why Choose 1-2-1 Training?

Personalised Attention: Your dog gets undivided attention, making the learning experience more effective and enjoyable.

Tailored to You: Private sessions are designed to fit around your schedule, making training as stress-free as possible.

Targeted Problem Solving: Address specific concerns and challenges unique to your dog's behaviour in a focused and efficient manner.

The Importance of Puppy Training: Building a Foundation For a Lifelong Bond

Puppyhood is a critical stage for learning and shaping your dog's behaviour for life. Our one-to-one puppy courses in South Yorkshire cover all the essentials, from basic obedience to addressing specific challenges. Mouthing, toilet training, socialisation, and more are tackled with expertise and care.

One-to-One Behavior Modification Courses

For more advanced challenges or specific behaviour concerns, our one-to-one behaviour modification courses offer targeted solutions for dogs and puppies. Head over to our Behavior Modification page for detailed information.

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