Expert Behaviour Modification in South Yorkshire with Canine Capabilities

Our team of skilled behaviouralists specialise in diagnosing weak areas in your dog's training and behaviour and working closely with you to realise the full and amazing potential of your dog. Our goal is to foster the bond you have with your dog and iron out a whole host of issues. We’ll never shy away from a challenge, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How Does It Work? Adapted Solutions for Every Dog

Whether it’s pulling on the lead, poor recall, separation anxiety, or more serious issues such as reactivity and aggression – we’ve got your back. We’ll never pass judgment, just provide a positive and safe environment for you and your dog to learn in. Reach out to us for a behaviour consultation today!

We provide expert consultations for £180, individual training sessions for £90, and training walks for £45. We recommend choosing one of our fantastic packages, to take full advantage of our service.

Our Behaviour Modification Packages

Silver Behavioural Package – £295: Is your dog driving you mad with destructive behaviour, excessive barking, or aggressive tendencies? Our Silver Behavioural Package is the first step to restoring peace. It includes an initial consultation, one month of follow-up support, two individual training sessions, and valuable resources to support your learning. Our Barnsley-based dog trainers will even provide you with training PDFs so you can continue the positive change long into the future.

Gold Behavioural Package – £525: Our gold package offers an initial 90-minute consultation, three months of follow-up support, four individual training sessions, a training walk, and additional resources to truly solidify the new skills your dog learns.

Platinum Behavioural Package – £750: For the ultimate behavioural support experience, our Platinum Behavioural Package provides six months of follow-up support, six individual training sessions, two training walks, and all the tools you need for success.

Expertise & Personalised Approach

Our one-to-one behaviour consultations and courses in South Yorkshire are led by our degree-level qualified team, ensuring accurate behavioural diagnosis and effective, no-nonsense solutions. We collaborate with veterinarians, offering a holistic approach to tackle even the trickiest cases. All of our training will take place within your own home, or wherever else the undesirable behaviour is occurring.

Get in Touch

Trust our personal dog trainers in South Yorkshire to provide the personalised, one-to-one attention that your dog deserves. We believe that every dog has the potential for great behaviour, and every dog deserves the chance to succeed. Get in touch with the friendly team today to book your sessions.