Reinforce Great Behaviour with Canine Capabilities Group Training Courses in South Yorkshire

At Canine Capabilities, our animal behaviourists combine their passion and years of experience to help you make your dog a well-behaved, well-rounded, and happy member of your family. We’re all about reinforcing the amazing bond you have with your dog while also reinforcing the positive behaviour you want to see. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your furry friend is able to pick up new good behaviour!

The Experts Behind Our Courses

Kirsty, Joe (and Bruce, of course!) Are absolutely committed to the development and well-being of your beloved dog. Degree-educated, ABTC registered, and doggy first aid trained, you can trust us to deliver exceptional training and support. Check out the Our Team page to find out more!

Group Training Courses in South Yorkshire For Every Stage of Your Dog's Life

Sniff & Tricks - £80 (5 Weeks)

Our Sniff & Tricks course is a fun-filled 5-week journey, packed with enriching activities, your dog will master party tricks, everyday skills, and incredible scent work. Join us in a safe and stimulating environment where learning with your dog will be exciting and fun.

Nutter Pups - £125 (6 Weeks)

For the basics and beyond, Nutter Pups is your comprehensive guide to raising a well-mannered and happy pup. Covering everything from socialisation to recall, mouthing, potty training, and everything in between, this 6-week course ensures a strong foundation for a lifetime of positive interactions.

Terrible Teens - £180

Does your adolescent pooch have you tearing your hair out? Our Terrible Teens course focuses on improving life skills and enhancing the bond you have with your rebellious teenager. With a mix of tricks training, impulse control, and interactive games, this course is tailored for non-reactive dogs from 8 months old, who have had some prior training. Sometimes it can feel like all the training you’re doing with your terrible teen is just falling on deaf ears, but our course can work wonders in reinforcing good manners, and making sure training sticks!

Relaxed Reactives - £275 (6 Weeks)

For those who've completed our behaviour modification course, Relaxed Reactives is the next step in your journey. This advanced course addresses specific challenges, teaching skills to last a lifetime. Manage thresholds, build positive associations, and navigate real-life situations with confidence!

Get in Touch

All our group dog training classes in South Yorkshire are conducted in local and convenient locations, get in touch to find out more! Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock your dog's full potential. Our trusted Barnsley puppy trainers can’t wait to work with you and help guide your dog towards a happy and successful future.