Our experience team of specialists

Our team of passionate individuals are driven to ensure a high quality of care is maintained throughout our services. We pride ourselves on our qualifications, knowlege and experience. We believe that no one is ever done learning and strive to always improve ourselves through our qualifications, our practices and approaches to behaviour training.

Kirsty Wilson, BSc (hons).

Kirsty Wilson BSc (Hons) Kirsty is an experienced animal behaviorist & trainer. Her passion and expertise in the field have been honed over a decade spent in the animal industry, training a diverse range of species.
Kirsty's specialisation lies in behavioural modification training, an area she excels in, handling cases from basic obedience to dealing with animals with a bite history. Her approach to animal training is heavily influenced by her academic background. She holds a degree in Animal Behaviour & Training, equipping her with comprehensive knowledge and theories that she adeptly applies to her practical work.


  • Animal Trainer and Behaviourist for 10+ years
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour and Training
  • Full PACT Member
  • ABTC Registered ATI (Animal Training Instructor)
  • Full KAD Member (Kids around dogs)

Bruce - Quality control and right hand man

My name is Bruce (sometimes Bru Bru). I absolutly love my role at Canine Capabilities and get to see all my pals and eat all the yum yums 🙂

My primary role at Canine Capabilities is to use my exceptional social skills and calm nature to help other doggos build confidence and positive associations with myself and all my doggy pals. I also get taste test all the yummy treats... its a hard job but someone has to do it.


  • 2+ years of quality life experience