Sometimes sharing our lives with our dogs can feel like an uphill battle, rather than the pleasurable and relaxing experience we imagine when bringing our four legged family member home. Our behavioural consultation will restore harmony within your household.
During the initial, 1.5 hour consultation we will gather information, diagnose presenting problems before formulating a plan of action and start the training process.


During the consultation individual situations and requirements are assessed and together we devise a modification programme to suit. Many factors are taken into consideration; time available, household dynamics, physical capabilities, motivation, breed of dog and owner preferences.

Consultations are arranged at a time and date to suit. We will come to your house or meet at an appropriate location e.g. walk.

During the consultation the behavioural history is collated. Where possible the causation is identified and then the modification programme is explained and tested.

The consultation lasts 90 minutes.

All of the information required to modify the behaviour will be provided to you during the consultation. Handouts are provided and we are happy to reiterate key points if required.

We are happy revisit as often as needed and to offer follow up support via phone or email as required.